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At the start of last year I was really run down and every time I got sick, the doctor would prescribe antibiotics it was a vicious cycle that went on for about 3 months and the more antibiotics I took, the worse I felt. A friend suggested that I try Noni juice to help build my immune system back up. I started having a shot first thing every morning and haven't looked back since I don't even get head colds anymore. I don't get headaches as often as I used to, my skin and eyes look really bright and clear and best of all with my metabolism in great working condition, I've lost a couple of those extra kilos I was carrying. The compliments from friends and colleagues just keep coming and a bottle of Noni juice has become one of my favourite gifts to give people. It turned my health around and it's done great things for my family and friends too.
G. Schupack, Docklands, Victoria.

I am starting to get used to the taste of your Pure Samoan Noni Juice and don't mind swigging it straight from the bottle each morning. Not only is it a great energy hit, I haven't been struck down with a bug or cold since I started drinking it a couple of months back. I will have to get another batch sent out soon. I love the design of the bottle too!
K. Smith, Carlton, Victoria.

I have been using Island Spirit ® Australian’s noni juice for over 3 months now but had originally only planned on trying it for just a month. I found that it gave me extra energy, faster recovery rates from workouts and running as well a much stronger immune system. So far I have survived a couple of bouts of the flu in our office, avoided catching my wife's cold and also the freezing Melbourne weather! Noni has been fantastic and I can’t see a time now where I wont be using it.
S. DeWaele, Victoria

I have been taking Island Spirit's Pure Samoan Noni Juice for 6 weeks now and over that period have recorded a significant lowering of my blood pressure. Consequently, I have been able to halve my medication and my doctor is most impressed. If things keep progressing this well, I may be able to completely do away with the blood pressure tablets I was prescribed to be on "for the rest of my life". Since taking your Noni I also seem to have a lot more energy, so if I am to be taking anything "for the rest of my life", let it be Noni! All the best with your wonderful product.
JAH, Victoria.

We thought we'd give it go "it can't hurt!" Well, that was 18 bottles ago and we are hooked! We bought a shot glass and cannot leave the house in the mornings without having had our shot of Noni. I must admit, I sneak another at night sometimes too! It has definitely made a difference to us our energy levels are higher, our system cleaner and we just have a general feeling of well being. If I feel a bit depleted after work, I'll have a shot and about 5 minutes later I notice a difference. That old saying about what tastes terrible is good for you rings very true for Noni The taste is rough but you do actually get rather used to it. Give it a go fight through the first few shots and you'll come out the other end much better for it.
R&J Owen, Victoria

Since beginning to take Noni about a month ago I have noticed significant improvements in my energy levels throughout the day. I no longer have the mid afternoon slump and with a very busy working life this has made me more effective in my role. I have also noticed that my pre work exercise routine has greatly improved with my shot of Noni first thing in the morning. Thanks again!
K. Kelly, Victoria

I am a mother, grandmother, and a great grandmother who has been blessed with a lengthy life span of 84 years. I, and many others in Samoa have been using noni for many years. I am very familiar with Island Spirit's noni juice because I drink it regularly. Why not buy one, try it for yourself! Use it daily and you will find out how invigorating life is for you.
P. Potoi-Hopkins, Samoa

"I have felt a real increase in energy levels on a daily basis."
B Hollis, Adrenalin Director, Big Stick Adventures

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