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In 1983 Barry Marshall and his colleague, Robin Warren, challenged conventional medical wisdom of the day when they announced that stomach ulcers were caused by the bacterium Helicobacter, and not by stress.

Gastroenterologists around the world thought the claim was absolute nonsense, but Marshall delivered the proof with a series of experiments including self-infection. Today most stomach ulcers are quickly cured with antibiotics.

In 2005 Barry and Robin were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 22 years later!

A similar scenario exists with alternative health, after years of growing use and research, today conventional medical wisdom is starting to accept the use of non-mainstream forms of complimentary treatment. Just because science can't explain something, doesn't mean it doesn't exist!

Fortunately, there is an abundance of research on Noni which makes our job easier and whilst the exact nature of how it works remains somewhat a mystery, noni does contain a number of enzymes, vitamins, minerals and proteins that seem to synergise extremely well.

And whilst there are numerous research studies that have been conducted on noni, one produced results that are worth considering.

For the 3 years to 1999, Dr. Neal Solomon collected data from over 50 doctors and more than 10,000 patients who used noni juice, the results speak for themselves.

Conditions Reported to Respond to Noni # who took noni for that condition % Helped
Cancer, lessened symptoms 1,058 67%
Heart Disease, decreased symptoms 847 80%
Stroke 983 58%
Diabetes, Types 1 & 2 2,434 83%
Energy, increased 7,931 91%
Sexuality, enhanced enjoyment 1,545 88%
Muscle, increased body-building 709 71%
Obesity, loss excess weight 2,638 72%
High Blood Pressure, decreased 721 87%
Smoking, stopped 447 58%
Arthritis, lessened symptoms 673 80%
Pain, incl. headaches, decreased 3,785 87%
Depression, lessened symptoms 781 77%%
Allergy, decreased symptoms 851 85%
Digestion, improved 1,509 89%
Breathing, improved 2,727 78%
Sleep, improved 1,148 72%
Well-being, increased feeling of 3,716 79%
Mental acuity, increased alertness 2,538 73%
Kidney health, improved 2,127 66%
Stress, helped cope with 3,273 71%

Ref: Solomon, N., The Noni Phenonmenon, Direct Source Publishing ,1999, p.44

At Island Spirit ® Australia we don't claim to have any cures, all we want to do is provide a 100% natural organic juice. The fact that it has had such a positive impact on many people in the past makes our proposition all the more attractive.

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