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We at Island Spirit ® Australia bring Noni Juice to you the way it is supposed to be, 100% Natural and without any form of additives to either the soil or the bottle.

Noni grows wild in Samoa and is available 365 days a year. It is absolutely everywhere, in peoples back yards, the side of the streets, it even works its way through concrete car parks! Our juice is made from fruit that is purchased straight from the locals of every village, providing them with much needed income. The volcanic soil of Samoa provides you with a nutrient rich noni that grows in its natural state and free from fertilizers. And our NASAA organic certification gives you the comfort of knowing that no harmful pesticides or additives have been used in our process.

As you can see, every care is taken to ensure you receive a premium product. We have even chosen glass bottles as they are better for the environment and do not release toxins that are commonly found in plastic. Lastly our juice is bottled in Australia by Nutrition Care Pharmaceuticals, they have TGA certified premises and a very strict quality assurance programme.

The end result is that you get to drink the same noni juice that Samoans have been drinking for hundreds of years.

Further, we guarantee that our product:

  • Is premium and pure;
  • Will not be overpriced so as to give an unbalanced reward to the distributor; and
  • Is not sold through Multi Level Marketing practices.

The Island Spirit Australia Difference

How do we make our noni juice?

What is in noni juice?

A brief history of noni


JUST A SHOT A DAY!  (30ml)

Your cost: Only $1.60 per day

Pure Samoan Noni Juice should be taken on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before meals, morning or evening.

And remember: Keep it in the fridge once you've opened it.

Please note that Noni should not be used as a meal replacement or as an alternative to any medicine prescribed by your family doctor. Please speak further to your doctor before taking Noni for treatment of any serious ailments or if pregnant. 

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