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Brief History Of Noni 

The Morinda Citrifolia fruit, or "Noni" is believed to have first arrived in the Pacific at least 2000 years ago when the ancient peoples of Polynesia brought the noni plant with them as a source of food and medicine when they colonized the islands of the South Pacific. The noni is believed to have originated from India and the surrounding sub-continental regions. The fruit was so revered and respected for not only its nutritional value but also its medicinal properties, Samoan explorers considered it an essential part of any long voyage of discovery.

Traditional uses of the noni plant are varied and virtually every part of the plant is used as some form of medicine. Apart from the juice, the ancient Polynesian healers used noni leaves as a bandage or poultice for wounds. Root or stem bark was typically used to treat inflammation or infections. Research into the traditional uses of noni indicate that it was one of the most popular plant used in herbal remedies with approximately 40 known and recorded formulations. In fact, so popular was the noni that it was soon cultivated across the Polynesian islands as a staple crop and "miracle fruit".

Today, noni is still widely used and respected for its amazing nutritional properties throughout Samoa. We at Island Spirit bring Noni Juice to you the way it is supposed to be � 100% Natural and without any form of additives to either the soil or the bottle.

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